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Transformation: Connor Downs

Now I know what you may be thinking… “Who is that stone cold stunner with the Bieber flow and the Aeropostale T-Shirt?” Surprisingly, that was me only 5 years ago, as 15-year-old, 105-pound Connor somehow slipped through the cracks of every modelling agency in Canada.

I was a pretty active kid growing up, spending most of my childhood in either a hockey, or lacrosse helmet. Naturally, the combination of constantly sweating and puberties punch to the jaw, resulted in a Maxx’s Domino’s pizza baking on my face. This affected my confidence significantly, leading me to grow out my “luscious lettuce” to shield the world form the acne on my forehead (it did not work). This combination of rampant skin-spots, my incredibly skinny frame, and unfortunate style decisions combined to form to the awkward, semi-confident lad I was at the time.

It was in my last 3 years of high school that I decided to actively make a change. I ditched the pre-pubescent haircut and went on a medication called Accutane. The next year was an absolute battle, as the side effects of this drug made me welcome death as opposed to another nosebleed (Anyone who’s been on Accutane will relate, it’s the WORST). However, the decision paid off, as it drastically cleared up my skin, and thus making me much more confident entering a new school going into Grade 11.

However, the transformation didn’t end there. In an attempt to save me from breaking in half on the field, my high school football coach brought me into the weight room and showed me the basics of weight training. His support as well as the aid of some of my teammates and friends resulted in me gaining around 35 pounds of muscle in 2 years, helping me feel a lot better about who I was and how I looked.

Today, I take this experience into my everyday life. I continue to work on my overall strength, while taking daily steps to ensure my skin is taken care of. As hard as it is to look at pictures of myself from back in the day, I am proud of the improvements I have made, and am excited to continue this journey moving forward.




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