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What do you get when you’ve outgrown your baby clothes, but aren’t technically competent enough to write “like for a tbh” posts (yet)?! Welcome to the TODDLER years. We’re talking about kindergarten times where blue sticky tack was a currency, and sharing snacks meant you were getting married at recess. We were on the hunt for the cutest/craziest/sassiest toddlers out there- here’s what we came up with:

Caityln Baillie

Everyone needs a Caitlyn Baille in their life. BUT would you choose her now, or when she was a toddler? It’s a toss up for us- she was the CUTEST little bean. Who knew that this clip-wearing ~sweetheart~ would later be downing jaagerbombs like a champ, and killing the commerce game on QBET and QSELF?

Jesse Greenhouse

If you don’t know should. As someone who is loved by literally EVERYONE that meets him, we’re proud to show off who he was before becoming the gem he is today. If you don’t catch him DJing at Ale or co-chairing QSIC, take a hike. You’ll probably run into him staring off into the distance ready for his next photo-op.

Megan Rodrigues

You know when you were little and you had that one specific outfit that you thought was absolute ~fire~? Before Megan was whippin out whisky sours for the people of Ale, she was this confident, hot pink bodysuit-wearing toddler. American Apparel model? Gymnast? Your guess is as good as ours.

Riley Holloway

All hail the ~king~!! This loveable co-chair is sure to make you BOW DOWN to his royal transformation. Riley was sassy from the get-go and knew that one day he would rule all Commerce Kids ;))

Allie Chan

@Chanman91. Where do we even get started on this girl. Chill girl Allie is someone that instantly ~glows~ as soon as she walks into the room and will outdance ANYONE when out at the bars. Who could’ve known that from her toddler years Allie would turn into a krump all-star, puck bunny, and ComSoc visionary.




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