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The Awkward Tween Years

Cue the days of train track braces, lululemon flare pants, and making flirty duck faces :* That's right- we're talking about the most blackmail-worthy phase of our lives: the awkward TWEEN YEARS. Some had it worse than others, but lets see how these familiar faces braved the storm and emerged as the beautys they are today!

Sophie Baremberg

Is she a quant god or a marketing wizard? Your guess is as good as ours!! This commerce powerhouse is a jack of all trades, and more importantly: JACKED. Her tween years did her well, as she was clearly an athlete and VERY happy about it.

Hunter Soll

Everyone loves a good glow-up and BOY OH BOY does Hunter take the cake on this one. She looked like she came straight out of the Princess Diaries (pre-makeover) but is now ~glowing~ and could definitely give Anne Hathaway a run for her money.

Patrice Oliviera

All hail the QUEEN: Patrice Olivera. Before she was ripping stages and capturing our hearts as potentially the most likable person EVER, she was rocking side bangs and cornrows to show everyone what ~style~ is.

Adiel Grechanick

Ever wanted to see a baddie before she became ~bad~? Look no further. This girl tucked away her cat whiskers and quickly showed us what it takes to become the ultimate Insta influencer. Adiel's got 81.8k followers who DEFINITELY enjoy her glow-up with each and every one of her posts.

Rachel Schwartz

As much as everyone loves seeing Rachel's incredible exchange pictures, (although we're all quite salty she left us in the first place) we're changing the pace and bringing you a pre-pubescent Schwartz. Love the braces, love her. Cheers to the tweenie years.




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