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Professor Transformations

The Smith School of Business is known for being high calibre- well, it better be after soaking that 18k tuition. Beyond the engaged students and easy access to a double espresso at Starbucks, we have to credit our incredible teachers. These individuals are staples in every Commie's journey at Queen's, and have years upon years of incredible experience that they have leveraged to provide students with the best education possible. BUT- who were they before they ever even stepped foot into Goodes?

Christine Coulter

If you haven't taken a course with Professor Coulter yet...where have you been? Whether she taught you Business Communications or HR, it's evident that Coulter is passionate about her work and we've all undoubtedly learned a lot from her. Cherry on top? She was adorable as a kid!

Geoff Pond

Let's be real- we got sewered on the pre-midterm for Ops and are debatably still hurting from the midterm. BUT, how can we be mad when we all love the prof? Professor Pond makes us laugh week to week with his dad jokes, and we feel privileged to reveal what he looked like before he was actually a dad!

Greg Libitz

If Professor Libitz wasn't the best introduction to Commerce you could've ever DREAMED of in 1st year...well you're wrong. As the well-known and well-loved professor of Business Management, students at Smith have benefitted from his engaging lectures and approachable personality. Hope we haven't been giving him too much trouble though- he used to have a whole head of hair!!

Doulton Whiltshire

Listen up everyone: if you've ever had a quant course that you needed to learn within the span of 48 hours, DOULTON'S GOT YOU. If you've never taken advantaged of CommAdvantage, you're either: A) a super quant. B) Missing out. It's safe to say that a fat chunk of all the students at Smith have Doulton to thank for their GPAs... but who was she before she was saving all of our behinds time and time again? White-belt Karate master? Barbie enthusiast? Doesn't matter- we're so grateful for who she is today.

Jim Hamilton

Ask any fourth year who took Sales and they will tell you it's their all time FAVOURITE course. Forget about going over time on your role plays (whoops)...but lets go back in time to when Professor Hamilton didn't teach one of commerce's most iconic courses. Perhaps he was trying to sell his ability to multi-task by juggling two toys while riding a bicycle?!




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