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From girls to MEN: Halloween Edition

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

Everyone loves a good girl to guy/ guy to girl transformation... SO, on this ~spooky~ halloween night we've decided to present you with our TOP 5 Girl -> MEN transformations. As beautiful as these ladies are, their ability to transform into some of our favorite men will put you guys to shame! Out with the days of "sexy" halloween costumes, and in with the era of TRUE transformations: Let's see what we're striving for:

Emma McLaren

Welcome to FLAVOURTOWN everyone!! The execution of this Guy Fieri costume was pristine- the beauty is in the details! Everything from the thick head of hair to the well-groomed handlebar MADE this look. Big thank you to Emma for blessing us with this one.

Tamara Djukic

Look at this PHOTOGRAPH: Everytime we do it makes us LAUGH. This blonde bombshell bartender at Ale really went all in her transformation into Nickleback's Chad Kroeger. It's no surprise that she felt like a ROCKSTAR and that from FAR AWAY you would've thought it was Chad himself!!

Michelle Zanette & Megan McEvoy

Why is the rum always gone? We definitely didn't have to travel to Tortuga to find a couple of UNCANNY Jack Sparrows! Michelle and Megan are housemates and somehow convinced each other that this was a good idea- we're sure glad they did.

Melissa Anber

Everyone loves this QSELF co-chair, but everyone FELL IN LOVE with her after seeing her out at Ale as Captain Underpants! This girl's got a history of killing her halloween costumes, and this year was no exception. Brownie points for the BALD CAP...could've had us fooled as a baby any day!

Kat Firchuk & Samantha Anderson

Last but not least: our favorites from Napolean Dynamite. First of all: Kat with the COMB-OVER...enough said. Second of all: don't forget to VOTE FOR PEDRO.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE! Hope it's full of tricks, treats, and amazing transformations. If you're looking for some more costume ideas, check out the Human Crossing blog for their halloween feature




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